Friday, February 1, 2013

Stumbling on Open Ground

Stumbling on Open Ground by Ken Mansfield.  This is a true story of the author’s own walk through the maze of cancer diagnosis and treatment with a little input from his wife, Connie.  He is a man who spent his early years as a poor boy raised near a reservation and his adult life as a wealthy man in the entertainment world.  He credits his wife Connie for leading him into Christianity.  It gives a look into how one Christian man and his family work through going through 2 different cancers sometimes at the same time and how they cope.  As with life sometimes they cope well and sometimes God must carry them through their trials.  It covers Mr. Mansfield walk with God through this time and some of his doubts during this time and how he works through them.  He includes his reasons for his decisions and a very few times advice.  It also includes some of Connie’s feelings and how he as well as she coped.  She writes the intro to each chapter of his book.
I liked this sometimes sad sometimes funny book on the author and his wife’s coping with cancer.  I would advise reading this book to anyone who has cancer or loves someone with cancer.  This author can tell the reader in simple ways of the complexities of dealing with cancer well as well as working through the times when a person just isn’t at his emotional best.
I received this book from Booksneeze for this review.

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