Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boy 30529 A Memoir by Felix Weinberg

Boy 30529 A Memoir by Felix Weinberg
This book tells the true story of Mr. Weinberg’s life from his golden childhood of being a well fed, well loved, well clothed Jewish boy being raised prior to World War II through the atrocities of the ghetto life then into work camps and forced marches to his post war time.  He was raised as one of 2 boys by his loving father and mother in a home with a few servants who were well loved by the family.  He had just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.  This book tells the story of being victimized by the Nazis during his teenage years from 13-17.  He tells of his narrow escapes and his guilt feelings over being one of the very few Jews to survive of his entire town.  His father was in England at the time of his family’s capture so after the war he was also one of the few children left with a family member to live with. 
This book is one that needs to be read by all least we forget just how cruel one group of people can be to another.   It is hard to read and probably should not be read by young children.  It is a book that makes the reader look inside their self and ask "What would I really do in that situation?"It is a book that doesn’t gloss over anything nor glorify anything that happened.  Mr. Weinberg admits some of his memories were difficult to remember as he had his lifelong attempted to forget and who could blame him.
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