Monday, August 15, 2011

Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber

Surprised by Oxford is a memoir of the author's 1st year as a graduate student at Oxford. She is a student on scholorship which right away states that this author is a quite intelligent woman.  She like many highly intelligent people thinks deep and wide.  It sounds like dry reading but is quite entertaining as she invites the reader into her life and warms them with her wit and love.  She shares her conversion from lukewarm not quite believer just trying to make it through life to a Christian full fledged and believing.  She walks through the questions and searching while fully socializing with her cohort students.
I didn't know what to think as I started to read this rather long book.  I know I didn't espect it to be a love story of both God and man.  I more expectd it to be a diary-so I was pleasantly surprised.  This book also set me to thinking, questioning, and ended with a wondering of my own faith-something we should all do from time to time in order to refresh our spirit.  I ended up liking this book and would recommend it.
This book was received free for this review.