Monday, April 15, 2019

The Book of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah

The Book of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah is Jeremiah's newest book.  I have got to admit I usually don't study too much in-depth into the book of Revelation.  In fact one of the things that I had noticed is that men tend to really get into studying Revelation and I don't see that much interest from women including myself.  This book really caught my interest from the very beginning.  It didn't seem to center on scare tactics to make the reader interested.  In fact it seems to be more interested into encouraging the reader to be prepared for the end times and then you will already be gone off of Earth.  It is a book that centers on what will happen to the others who have not declared themselves as Christian rather than what will happen to the believers.  This book centers on how the Christian can and should be fully prepared for the end time from the beginning and will leave in the twinkling of an eye just as was reported in the Bible.  The book of Revelation is a difficult to understand last book of the Bible and this book will help explain what this book is saying to the modern day Christian.  This book gives some answers to questions that non-believers have for the Christian of today.  How close are we to the end?  How can we tell when it will happen?  Plain and simple we cannot tell exactly when it will happen.  The Bible tells us that in very simple terms-we won't know.  If someone says that they know then we can know for certain that the person is lying to us.  We can know some signs that the end is drawing closer however and that is what this book is explaining to the reader.

I have enjoyed reading this book of Dr. Jeremiah.  Of course I love to hear him speak on the radio also.  This man can tell his audience the Biblical message in such an interesting manner and he is no different in speaking to his audience in the written form also.  I would advise anyone who is interested in a new Bible study to read this, or anyone who is interested in reading of end times.  As I said earlier this book is one of the few books on Revelation that I as a women thoroughly enjoyed reading.  He easily held my interest in this very deep subject.  Thank you Mr. Jeremiah for explaining this complex Biblical study for me.
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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman

Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman is the first book in the new series of An Amish Journey.  This first novel introduces the reader to Levi Shetler and his family as well as Mary Hershberger and her family.  They meet at the funeral of a well respected man from an Englisher family, Percy Collins.  Levi was there with his family because Percy's widow Adeline was a dear friend of his mother and Mary was there because Percy was a friend and business associate of her father.  Levi and Mary were both children. Levi had snuck into the parlor and was playing the piano and Mary looked in and caught him there.  Both children knew that playing instruments was strictly forbidden by the Amish faith and Levi was strongly punished with a switch for disobeying.  Fast-forward into the future 8 years and the 2 are returning to the farm of the Collins family because of a farm auction in which everything is being sold off because Adeline has run out of money.  The 2 children now young adults are surprised at how rundown the farm has become.  Levi being the youngest is volunteered by his mother to paint the house and do some groundwork.  Mary's father volunteers Mary to drive Adeline to the store and clean the house.  The 2 remembered each other from the childhood incident but differently.  Mary had held a little crush on young Levi and Levi barely remembered her at all but well remembered the piano in the parlor.  The two feel badly for Adeline and her situation and grow to love her as if she were a member of their family.  Levi comes from a very poor large family from a very strict Amish district and Mary comes from a family that has enough to satisfy all their needs and a more progressive district.  Even so the two find themselves drawing closer together and include Adeline's niece, Natalie, into their little group.  When the 3 find out that there is something wrong with Adeline and take her to the doctor they find that Adeline will not live much longer and the 3 work out a schedule to make sure that she is well provided for in her own home.

I loved this book.  This book brings to light just how differently the Amish districts can be depending on the thinking and beliefs of their bishop.  It also lets the reader know of the differences that money can make even among persons who are very conservative with their means.  It also brings to light that though money can be very helpful it cannot guarantee happiness nor correct decision making skills.  This book can be read by any age reader but would probably be enjoyed by older teens through adult women the most.
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron

Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron is the next installment of the Lost Castle series by this author.  This novel investigates the history of this fictional castle through the eyes of real history.  In this fictional present day Laine Forrester have arrived in Ireland to celebrate her best friend Ellie's marriage to Quinn Foley.  The Foley brothers, Cormac and Quinn, have had a difficult relationship with their father, Jack, not made any easier since the recent death of their mother.  The Foley family has run a pub since 1797 which is this historical novel's roots.   The newly weds are renovating a castle for their future home and the Foley family has recently inherited another castle which needs to have the contents researched and categorized for sale or plan for the future.  This castle has many mysteries which require the main characters to look into the history of Ireland and history of the Foley family's beginnings in Ireland.  Ireland's fight for freedom from England's rule since the 18th century is the background of this story. The 1797 uprising first introduces the reader to the first Jack Foley and his courageous part as a young groom working with the horses of the Ashford family.  The Ashford family must make their decisions on whether to side with the Irish that they live among or the English who they depend for their security.  The Irish fail is this attempt for freedom.  The next named fight for freedom occurs in 1915 and describes that century's Jack Foley's importance in the freedom fight and how the family fights with the rebels for freedom again even though from the outset it is almost certain to fail once again.

 I read only this book of the series and so occasionally found myself having to re-read parts of the book.  This is a historical romance but it does require a certain amount of concentration to digest it and keep track of the 2 different histories of information.  It is simply a fascinating story and because it is fictionalized the story can be more seamlessly told.  It is a book to be read when you have time to be able to just sit and read and enjoy.  A great rainy day book that I think anyone (not just women) would enjoy reading.  The romance is a minor part of what is mostly fictionalized history of Ireland.  In the back of the book the author tells which are historical characters and which are fictional, I wish I would have read that part first since I am not as up on Irish history as I should be.
I received this book from Booksneeze for this review.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dangerous Prayers

Dangerous Prayers has been compiled by Susan Hill and published by Thomas Hill Publishing.  This is a book about the Christians in our history especially of the United States and a prayer associated with them.  I got this book because I thought that it would be a book of courageous prayers and how that was associated with danger either to the world or to the person who prayed it but it really isn't.  The book is divided into Christians mostly well known and each person gets 2 or 3 pages to tell their life or lifework and then it is followed by a prayer or song which they prayed or sang during usually a difficult time.  These stories are very interesting backgrounds into the person especially the little known Christians who have written famous prayers or songs.  My favorite prayer is from Harriet Tubman, "I'm going to hold steady on You. You've got to see me through."  It is also the shortest which reminds the reader that it is not what we say in prayer but rather what the Lord tells to us.  I wonder how often the person doing the prayer waits to listen to the Lord but rather only speaks to the Lord.  We must remember that the listening is the important part.

Many of these stories and prayers spoke to me and I am glad that I read this book.  At first I was disappointed in that the book was much different than I expected from reading the short review on the back of the book.  Then I got into what the book was telling me about these Christian's life and their work and it really is interesting.  This would make a nice gift for a new Christian maybe at baptism or joining a church.  I would recommend reading this book though I would only give 4 stars because I think that the book should revise how they are advertising it.
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Decoding your Dreams by Jennifer LeClaire

Decoding your Dreams by Jennifer LeClaire is an easy to read book looking at the meanings behind your dreams.  The author looks at dreams as either a message from God, from the enemy, or could be just your thoughts being rehashed. She looks at these dreams as being an important part of your day.  This book is meant to be a first book for the dreamer to begin to interpret their own dreams and so does not go deep into what your dreams mean.  One of the first things to do to decide what God is wanting the dreamer to know is to pray and ask God to help you to know what God is telling you the dreamer.  Then the dreamer should make and keep a dream journal.  Just as soon as you have the dream you are to write down the dream in as much detail as you can remember: colors, numbers, people, your thoughts during the dream, and just anything that you can remember.  At least once per year you should read back though your dreams to see if you get anymore insight into their meanings.  The author then tells what different codes mean to different cultures or different families such as dreams of red may mean love, anger or danger to us but in Asian culture it may mean something associated with luck.  In the U.S. yellow may mean being cowardly but in Greek culture it could mean sadness.  The author states that just as God will speak to the English speaking person in English and not in Spanish that He will also follow cultural norms.  She states that because of these differences to be careful in looking up dream codes on the internet because some of these discrepancies could occur. She also states that God will make the meaning known to the dreamer.  Possibly the dreamer will awaken with the knowledge but sometimes the dreamer must get this information over time.  She does say that the dreamer should understand the dream eventually with prayer because God wants the dreamer to understand.

I picked this book because I was having a reoccurring dream that I wanted to know the meaning of it.  After reading the book and carefully following the author's advice I am no closer to knowing the meaning than I ever was so I must assume that this is a dream that will require time to understand.  I also thought that this book was a little simplistic.  It, I felt could have gone a little deeper even for a beginner book.  I give this book 3 stars.
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Friday, December 21, 2018

The Teacher's Bride by Kathleen Fuller

The Teacher's Bride by Kathleen Fuller is from the "Amish Brides of Birch Creek series.  In this installment Christian Ropp moves to Birch Creek to accept a teaching assignment as well as escape the family that he grew up.  Ruby Glick has also grown up in a stifling home and choses to visit her brother's family in Birch Creek for an extended period of time.  Christian has grown to appreciate the ordered well planned life and Ruby who always lived life on the edge and never planned in advance was seeking to turn over a new leaf and start living a more ordered life.  Both moved with plans to meet and marry their life partner.  Christian broke out into a cold sweat whenever he even thought of talking to a woman that he was interested and Ruby barged right in which didn't work out well either in the Amish community.  When one time Ruby had again found herself in an uncomfortable situation she developed horrible hiccups and ran outside to escape the embarrassment, Christopher also left to make sure she was ok.  They got to talking and eventually met up to help Christopher figure out how to get to know the woman of his dreams, Martha without breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about it.  Ruby needed to find a job but no one would hire her since she was so chaotic. When Christopher hurt his ankle he suggested that Ruby might be a good substitute if she would follow his lesson plan.  Can Christopher figure out how to find a wife?  Can Ruby learn to plan and reel in her chaotic tendencies and possibly find a love of her own?  Read this great Amish love story to find out the answers.

I liked reading this newest book of Kathleen Fuller.  She brings these characters to life and brings the reader directly into the Amish lifestyle.  She has the reader rooting for the main characters and wanting to read just a few more pages until the book is too quickly finished.  The reader is left anticipating the next installment of the series even though the reader can read any of the books and enjoy them without the rest (they easily stand alone).  I would encourage any girl or woman who loves reading Amish romance to read this one.
I received this book from BookLook for this review.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Seat by the Hearth by Amy Clipston

A Seat by the Hearth by Amy Clipston is book 3 in the Amish Homestead Series.  In this novel Priscilla Allgyer is returning back home to the Amish community that she grew up in Lancaster.  She has been gone for 8 years and when she left she knew that she was never going to return to the difficult home that she grew up.  Her father had been verbally abusive to her all of her life and she had to escape.  She found however that he was not the only abusive person and walked into another hard life of living with a boyfriend who drank and abused her both physically and mentally.  Now she was returning to the Lancaster community with her 6 year old son.  She knows that she will return to a shunning but it was the only way to protect her son from the wrath of her boyfriend.  When Priscilla returns to her home she is surprised to find Mark Riehl working for her father.  Mark was a real playboy type but Priscilla remains cool to him because she has so much on her plate with taking care of her son and trying to make her father happy.  She finds to her surprise that her son, Ethan, gets along well with her father and soon are fast friends.  Ethan is quickly learning and loving the Amish language and ways of living.  Mark who usually has girls falling all over themselves to date him is interested in why Priscilla won't give him the time of day.  Her father on the other hand wants Priscilla to find a husband as soon as possible so that he is no longer embarrassed by her having a child without benefit of marriage.  One day he catches Priscilla and Mark talking in the barn and forces them to marry.  Will these two who were forced to marry find love?  Or will they forever be forced to live a loveless marriage?

This is a book about some of the abuses that occur when a parent has too much power in the family.  It is also about some of the problems that can occur in the Amish community.  This book also brings out that people outside of the family can help if they are willing.  I enjoyed this book as I do Ms Clipston's other writings.  She is a great prolific writer that is easy to be read by any girl or woman who loves reading Amish love stories as I do.
I received this book from BookLook for this review.