Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heaven's Lessons by Steve Sjogren

Heaven’s Lessons by Steve Sjogren is Steve’s story of the day his heart stopped beating after his descending aorta was cut during a so called simple surgery.  He almost bled out that day and this book talks of his surviving the ordeal and learning to live afterwards.  He discusses seeing the doctors and nurses working on him from the ceiling.  He writes being in contact with and talking to God and the peace he felt being in His presence.  He discusses his agonizing physical difficulties with overcoming the problems of being deprived of oxygen for so long as well as the emotional aspects of learning to deal with the new God he had discovered and the dealing with the difficulties of what to do with his old comfortable understanding of God.  He says in the book that apparently God was not all that impressed with his cool little notebooks though he continues to journal just in a new way of understanding.
Mr. Sjogren talks often about his forgiveness of the doctors, the hospital, and also the church of which he was pastor but he goes on overlong about what they did and it makes me wonder if it isn’t still a work in progress.  It would admittedly be difficult to forgive and he discusses that but he says that he has but then in later chapters will repeat the same problems.  If this is still difficult then admit it and go on—most any sane person would understand.  Through no fault of his own he went through a horrible ordeal and then the church of which he started and was the pastor let him go and hired another.  To say that life was difficult would be an understatement but he says that all is forgiven.  I would give this book a better than average rating.
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