Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hidden Mercies by Serena Miller

Hidden Mercies by Serena Miller
This is the story of Claire Keim and what happened the days and years after her fiancé, Matthew died in a horrible accident.  Matthew was much loved by not only Claire but also by Tobias, his brother, who always blamed himself for the accident as well as heard his father blame him for the accident.  This story tells the horror of both being the father who would say such a thing to his much loved son and also the story of being the blamed son who ran away to escape.  Tobias also blamed himself if fact so much that he changed his name to Tom Miller and quickly joined the Marines to escape his Amish  family.  It tells the difficulties of being Claire who found only after the fated day that she was pregnant with Matthew’s child.  Claire loved her baby Levi and wanting to raise him to be the best Amish man she could she entered into a loveless marriage with a man with whom she had more children.  This is the background to the Amish love story.
This is an Amish love story told in such a way as it could have happened but it is fiction.  It is a story that makes one want to always think first before speaking harshly to our children.  I would suggest this to be good reading for all ages who love Amish fiction.  I loved it.
This was provided to me for this review from Howard Books.

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