Thursday, February 21, 2013

God of All Creation by James Robison

God of All Creation by James Robison is described as being life lessons from pets and wildlife.  Mr. Robison teaches of God’s plans and wishes for us by reminding us of the lessons taught in the Bible and further explaining them as he speaks of his love for his pet dogs (especially Princess his current dachshund) and of God’s greater love and plans for us.  Mr. Robison shares how watching the animals around us “reveal expressions of God’s love, lessons of His grace, warnings about sin, and other external truths.”  He gives warm stories and life lessons that not only has he learned from the animals around him but also he gives inspiration and insight into how the reader can learn of God’s love for us and his grace that He so willing gives to all believers who trust and submit to Him.
I liked this book.  It is not a book told through the eyes of an animal which can get old and contrived but rather the writer reflects on the Bible’s teaching and explains the many life lessons by giving stories that he has observed in nature most notably in pets or wildlife that one sees in their daily life.  Jesus told his lessons in parables and Mr. Robison does much the same with animals in the starring role.  My favorite stories were the dog who wouldn’t learn and baby rattle snakes—who couldn’t learn from them?
I was provided this book for this review by WaterBrook Press.

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