Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clouds by Robin Jones Gunn

Clouds by Robin Jones Gunn.  This novel is another in Ms. Gunn’s Glenbrook series.  It is the story of two children, Shelly and Jonathon, who grow up living next door to each other and gradually fall in love.  Also as will happen things don’t work out and the two of them go their separate ways after a big fight.  The two never find another love like their first love but in a twist of fate while vacationing in Germany with her sister Shelly runs into Jonathan and his fiancée.  Shelly has to work through that she has never stopped loving Jonathan.   This story is how God works his miracles in lives and how Shelly learns to live on in her life drawing closer to God and all that she has in her life.  Shelly has always hidden her feelings and avoided talking about them but her sister encourages her to face them and learn to deal with them as a part of herself.
This book is a part of the Glenbrook series but it easily stands alone.  I had only read Echoes but it didn’t matter and I truly enjoyed reading this love story.  It is not sappy.  I felt like I could have met any of these characters in my home town.  I am so glad that there are writers like Ms. Gunn who can write a love story that I can read and enjoy and then pass it right on down to my grandchildren. 
This book was provided for this review.

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  1. This looks like a great book!

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