Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mondays with my Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo

Mondays with my Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo.  Mr. Navajo tells of his time of making his decision to continue on with being a minister in the work of the church.  He has become burned out and is thinking that this may not be cut out for him.  He decides to illicit help in making this choice by going to visit his old pastor, who had spent his ministry at that same church.  After spending a Monday with him and his wisdom, Mr. Navajo spends the rest of the Mondays that his pastor is able with this wise man of the Scriptures.  

This book will fill your heart to the brim and overflow with wise and loving thoughts through which to live your life.  Not often is there a religious book that grabs your attention so that you cannot put is down but this is the one.  This book should be required reading not only in seminary but also be owned and encouraged to be read by those wishing to join the church.  It is not just the pastor who works with God but rather all of the members.  Most books that I read I pass on to others and once read never read again.  This will not be such a book.  This one will remain in my library.  Everyone should have their own copy.
Irecieved this book from Booksneeze for this review.

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