Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate is a novel about Heather Hampton a well known Seattle architect.  Her young life was marred in high school by her dad forcing her to move with the family in her senior year to Moses Lake, his hometown.  Then her dad dies by mysterieous means which no one will talk about.  She feels shunned by her classmates which is nothing new.  As soon as she graduated she left town for college, does well and eventually get a high power job of which she is proud.  She is in line for a great promotion which hinges on selling the family farm of which no one has ever had any desires to keep.  Suddenly the last few days before finalizing the sale her mother and her ne'er to well brother start dragging their feet.  Heather quickly gets on a plane to make her family see the importance of quickly getting things settled.  Heather instead of following her plans to quickly sell finds out background details of her family, falls in love and finds she must learn the truth about herself and her family before she can move forward in her life.  Heather finds that money and prestique are less important to her than the people who love her.
This is a good book about family and love and what matter most.  Heather finds that her family is maybe not as bad as she thought and is reminded that she loves them.  She finds that many if not most of her problems in Moses Lake are her own doing and that if she would just look at the reasons people are the way that they are and accept them that her life would have been much better than it was. 
I was provided this book by Bethany House Publishing Group which is a division of Baker Publishing Group for this review.

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