Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jackson the Iron-willed Commander by Paul Vickery

Jackson the Iron-willed Commander by Paul Vickery is a book from the General's series.  It tells a quick short overview of Andrew Jackson's service to this country starting with his birth to poor immagrant Appalachian farmers from Northern Ireland.  He lost his father before he was born and his mother and siblings by the age of 15.  He was already a soldier for this country and had been since the age of 13.  This book centers on his amazing rise through the military ranks and his political rise to the presidency of the United States and ends with his death at his home, the Hermatage.

I enjoy reading history and so I enjoyed reading of the life of Andrew Jackson.  Whether one agrees with his politics now or not one must admire a man who lived his life working hard for his beliefs and his country.  This story tells both the good and the bad regarding President Jackson's life.  I enjoyed that though his man lived so many years ago there has never been anything brought to light regarding marital indiscretions.  He loved his Rachel until the day he died.  His Christian beliefs never left him though he may have not done things as we would in modern society today.

I recommend reading this book to all who enjoy reading the history of our country especially military history.

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