Sunday, July 8, 2012

Material Witness by Vanetta Chapman

Material Witness by Vanetta Chapman is a part of the Shipshewana series.  Callie opens her quilt shop on a September morning during the Shipshewana's Fall Festival.  This festival is a big week of fellowshep as well as money making opportunities for the Amish community as well as the English.  This was a week looked forward to and planned all year long.  However, interupting this festival time was the murder of an elderly shop owner.  The murder happened to be witnessed by young wheelchair boung Aaron, a seven year old son of one of the Amish women who assists Callie running her shop.  The community along with law enforcement work together to protect the community from further harm as the unknown perpetrator threatens both Callie and Aaron's life while at the the same time demanding the large sum of money that he thinks that Callie has and Callie knows nothing about or where it is.
This is a great story of English and Amish working and living together as a community.  There is a small part of the story that has a love interest but the biggest part of the story is the solving of the crime before the criminal commits another murder.  Great story of interest especially to women of all ages including teenage girls.  It is a great read. Hard to put down.
This book was provided to me by Zondervan Publishing for this review.

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