Monday, March 11, 2013

Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl

Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl.
Hope Kauffman has grown up in Kingdom which is a tiny Mennonite community in Kansas which even some who live in nearby towns don’t know how to get to.  This community is in the midst of change within their very own town.  Some want to be more liberal and some want the conservative status quo.  Hope has never wanted to move outside of her community but now she is looking into her own beliefs and trying to decide on what exactly she believes and wants from her life.  She is a fully grown adult at 26 years old but has always lived with her widowed father.  She is engaged to her best friend Ebbie but Jonathon has been lately looking so good to her.  Hope is so confused about who to choose.  If that weren’t enough there has been someone in a red pickup trying to run over horse and buggies.  A real Mennonite mystery right here in Kingdom.  Hope had been injured and had to jump out of her buggy and landed in a ditch one day.  If Jonathon had not been there she didn’t know what would have happened.  These hateful people were not only trying to run horses and buggies off the road and had actually killed poor old Avery one day but were also setting fires to churches and Mennonite homes with Molotov cocktails.  The elders of the church had finally said that people could no longer travel by their selves but must be together for protection.  Jonathon and some of his friends were guarding the community, some even with guns.  Which also was brought into question since the Mennonites did not believe in using violence against evil. 
I liked this book.  It made this religious group seem more real to me.  Ms Mehl has brought out all that needs to be though about as these people make their way in this world living the life that they believe the Bible teaches them to do.  Though the Mennonite community lives together and supports each other each person must make the individual decision on what God is telling each of them to do.  Each one of them must decide how much to do for themselves and what to depend on God to provide.  Not a lot different than what everyone must do.  We are not that much different are we?
This book was provided for this review by Bethany House.

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