Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Invisible by Ginny Lythrup

Invisible by Ginny Lythrup.  What would happen if we turned over our health-both physical and emotional to God?  That is the question this novel asks the reader to first imagine then to live.  Ellyn, who eats for comfort then hides behind her extra weight, is trying to be invisible to her world which centers around her life as a chef in her own restaurant in a small northern California town.  Sabina, a psychiatrist, has come to this same little coastal town to get away from her thriving NYC practice.  She is grieving the loss of one of her clients to suicide and is trying to get well hiding here-also trying to be invisible.  Twila at 26 is in treatment recovering from an eating disorder.  She was trying to become invisible by not eating and is so small people mistake her for a teenager all the time.  Twila and Ellyn both say they know and love God but are they willing to rely on him wholly for all their needs and hurts?  Sabina looks to have it all but she openly does not have faith that God is loving or caring about her. 
I liked this book.  It encourages the reader to look inside their self and really look at what in our self we don’t trust to God’s love and care.  It is not a book about eating either to gain or lose weight—it’s about the love God has for us if we accept it.  Do we really believe we are created in God’s own image?  If so do we act like it?  Are we willing to take a leap into the unknown in order to have that faithful loving life with our Father, creator?  God wants so much for us he sent his only Son to die for us so we could live with eternally.  How can we not trust him and yet we don’t.
This book was provided by Handlebar for this review.

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