Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Dream So Big by Steve Peifer with Gregg Lewis

A Dream So Big by Steve Peifer with Gregg Lewis is an absolutely great book of how God can turn tragedy into triumph.   Steve and Nancy had just buried their beloved 8 day old infant.  They had been aware of his short life since before he was born but that did not decrease their sadness and grief when it actually happened.  They had prayed without seizing before his birth for a miracle but they did not know the power of a God who would dream a dream for them so big that they could not have imagined.  Nancy had been told of God that Baby Stephen “has more purpose than just fulfilling your motherhood.”   This did not stop them from praying for a miracle but she began to accept that God had a purpose for her 3rd son and it was not the same as her own wishes.  Stephen lived 8 short days with his mother father and 2 brothers then quietly died in his home with the help of hospice.  In the midst of this great grief Steve became aware that God was directing him to help realize his wife’s lifelong dream to become a missionary family in Africa.  This book is about the struggles this family went through to live the life dream big enough for God to dream it.  This life leads to feeding thousands of Africa’s children and enabling them to be schooled in not only the poor bookless schools available to them but to dream big enough to bring them computer classes.  Many of these children formerly had to quit school because their parents had to choose between paying for their food or the tuition for schooling.  Steve and his family started allowing American families to donate to his foundation which fed the children a free lunch at school.  This along not only kept the children in school but encouraged parents to send their children just to get the lunch for them.
I loved this true book of how God has a different plan for his faithful followers even though they still must go through the same problems as the unfaithful.  Steve, Nancy and their children willingly accepted his response to their grief and lived a life so big that they could not have imagined it for their life.  This book has a lesson for all of us trying to live a life that God wants for them to reach out in faith and see just what God has available to all of His children.  God has a great dream but we must trust.  This book is of what that trust and faith brought to one family and reached out into Africa to affect the dreams of thousands of families in Africa.
I am privileged to have received this book for this review. Thank you.

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