Friday, March 8, 2013

Raise Him Up by Derrick and Stephanie Moore

WOW what a book.
Raise Him Up by Derrick and Stephanie Moore is advertised as a single mother’s guide to raising a successful black man.  It is a book written by a man, Derrick, who was raised by his single mom and Stephanie his wife.  Derrick was raised in poverty by a loving and strict Christian mother who had specific consistent rules.  Derrick knew that he could always count on his mother to support him in correct decisions and to punish him when he did wrong.  Derrick following his strengths and his mother’s teaching grew to be a successful football player who never forgot that his mother and his Christian upbringing along with hard work were the reasons for his success.  Stephanie on the other hand was raised with a plentiful diet and clothes to wear.  These two people are now raising their own son to follow the same teachings and work ethics that Derrick and Stephanie grew up with.  Though their son has plenty to eat he must follow the same Christian principles that made his parents successful.  He will not be able to float through life he must work hard also in order to be a real man standing on his own feet and convictions.  These are strong and ethical people encouraging those moms who are currently raising black sons on their own.
This book is a wonderful book that encourages loving moms of black sons to be strong in their convictions.  It encourages these women to not coddle their sons but rather make them strong.  It encourages these women to love their sons as no one else can or will.  It encourages these women to never give up on their son.  It encourages these women to pray for their son unceasingly and teach their son to pray also and rely on their father in heaven for all the support that they will ever need.  To say that this book is a book for raising only black sons is to sell this book short.  This is a great guide for raising all sons to be all that they can be no matter what race they are.  I cannot recommend this book too strongly for all mothers raising sons whether alone or with the father, no matter the race, no matter the finances that she has to work with.  It is a great book.  Thank you for writing it.
This book was provided for this review by Booksneeze and I highly recommend reading it.

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