Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upside by Bradley R E Wright

This is a book discussing the real state of world affairs. It uses statistics to tell us of what the state of the world is rather than an alarmist view of the world. It does little predicting of where the world is heading but it does remind us that we tend to solve world problems as they come up and start affecting our daily life.
This book sounds very dry but it is instead uplifting. I read this book thinking I should but found myself feeling better about myself and the new generations coming after me. This book encourages the reader to think things through instead of just mindlessly accepting the views expressed by the media. It also tells us how stories are slanted negatively in order to get grant dollars as well as to make a good news story. Many people have quit watching the news because of way that it makes the viewer worry and many obsessively watch news and get physically sick with worry. Most are obviously in the middle. This book tells how the lives of the people of the world-not just USA is really getting better in most ways rather than how we're all doomed and there is nothing you can do about it or that it is all someone's fault. It actually tells some ways that the still young can live their life in such a way as to make it better. Get an education, don't marry too early, eat well but not too much, get some exercise, and quit watching so much TV and instead get out into society. I actually read this book in a matter of a couple of days because it was so interesting. It is short-only 222 pages (unless you read the notes which I don't). I would recommend this book to any who are concerned about the way of the world.
I recieved this book free for this review. I was not encouraged to give either a good or bad review.

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