Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Santuary by Sheila Walsh and Cindy Marinusen Columa

Sweet Santuary is a story of a single divorce mom, Wren, raising her musically gifted young son, Charlie.  She has a full life raising him and has just about sworn off of men since her marrage.  She has returned to her hometown to raise him because of financial difficulties and the family home being unoccupied.  Throughout the book there are hints of being the family outcast because of a childhood experience but until the end we don't know the full story.  This is a story of family trials and love. This is a story of a small community loving a young family and how they support her in the everyday life raising a child. 
I loved this book.  It is a sweet Christian love story that is not predictable.  It has the twists and turns of family life with an exciting ending.  How refreshing.  I loved the characters and felt like they seemed like someone you might meet in your own hometown (if you come from a small town in America). It does make single motherhood look doable without glossing over it or making Wren look sappy and sweet.  I like that this book has us Christians look normal and not goody two shoes.  Christians just doing the best they can with all the problems of the rest of the world.  Christians relying on God through prayer for our help but sometimes getting no for an answer.
I recieved this book for free for this review.

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