Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Your Parent Becomes Your Child--A Journey of Faith Through My Mother's Dementia by Ken Abraham

When Your Parent Becomes Your Child by Ken Abraham is a look at living life as a caretaker of a family member with dementia.  This book takes the reader from the early parts of dementia when people are looking at aging people and wondering if they are getting a little forgetful or paranoid and takes you right through to death.  This story looks at the physical as well as mental debility of this disease.  It looks at the decision making that must take place though the author is obviously a person of financial means and had many benefits not available to some even of average incomes.  The reader will look at how faith can carry both the caretaker as well as the victim through the horrible ravages of this disease.   Mr. Abraham looks at his own feelings about death and dying in an honest way.   He is blessed in that it would appear his family was in complete agreement in the decision making as each one occurs.  That doesn’t always happen in family no matter how loving they may have been before the disease. 
This is a book that I can’t say that I enjoyed reading but it is a book that should be read by those who are facing the death of a family member from most any disease.  Some of the decisions made in the book though may not be the decision of the reader need to be dealt with in a way that is best for each family.  Mr. Abraham brings to the discussion how he came to decide on many of his decisions and he looks at the pros and cons each. 
I was provided this book by Booksneeze for this review.

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