Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Deb by Margaret Terry

Dear Deb by Margaret Terry is a book of letters written to a friend who was dying of cancer.  These letters reveal the life that she lived good and not so good.  They also reveal glimpses into every woman’s life—oh the same exact thing may not have happened maybe your husband didn’t shock you into depression by asking for a divorce out of the blue but something else equally difficult to live though has happened to every woman.  This is the story of a woman who made it through and lived.  That is what we women do we survive and we thrive and we love.  This is the story of one woman reaching out to another and believing in miracles and God and faith. 
I liked this book though it is not the usual helping a friend through cancer book.  It is a book for women to read and be encouraged that they can make it through all things.  It speaks of believing in miracles even when the miracle given is not the miracle asked for.  It is not wishy-washy but what woman’s life is?  It can be read cover to cover or read the letters daily and not in order.  It is a book for women and older girls.
I was provided this book for this review from Booksneeze.

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