Friday, November 9, 2012

A Kingsbury Collection by Karen Kingsbury

A Kingsbury Collection by Karen Kingsbury is a collection of 3 novels by Ms Kingsbury.  These are all great stand alone novels so it makes a great book to take on vacation or other trip.  Where Yesterday Lives is a novel about Ellen Barrett returning to her childhood home to help her family as they plan her most beloved father’s funeral.  The large family works through many of the hurts and joys of their past together.  This one is a real tear jerker so don’t even attempt to read it if you aren’t comfortable crying wherever it is that you are reading—quite emotional.  When Joy Came to Stay is a novel about Maggie Stovall who has a charmed life at least to those that she surrounds herself with.  She has the job that she has always dreamed of.  She is married to the man that she loves.  But she finds herself falling deeper into the hole of despair and depression and this story tells of her journey through it.  Great story of those involved in foster care (both as the child and as the parent) as well as living with depression.  On Every Side is the story of a community coming together to save a 100 year statue of Jesus which had stood inside the city park of all of that time from a big city law firm who would have it torn down for religious freedom.  This is the story of fighting for the rights of Christians within the law of religious freedom of the Constitution.  This is also a novel though at the end of the story it tells of a very similar incident which took place in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
I enjoyed all of these stories most especially the first—but this could be because of my life experiences.  Ms Kingsbury is quite a good writer and I really enjoy her books.  It is especially nice to have all three well written novels within the confines of one book—quite economical.  I look forward to reading more of her books.
I received this book from WaterbrookMultnomah for this review.

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