Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Own Worst Enemy by Janey Davis

My Own Worst Enemy by Janet Davis is a book about breaking free from your own self doubts about your own talents and skills.  Ms Davis discusses how to break free of the destructive cycle of the self doubting voices that tell yourself that you're not good enough or that you will look like you think you are bragging about yourself.  Janet Davis'  book of life lessons from the Bible of women paired alongside modern women and their stories.  She calls all women to "Let your Little Light Shine and not Hide it under a Bushel."

I liked how Ms. Davis told of the strength of the women who though culture held them down used their intellect and strength to further God's work.  I love reading of the few female heros in the Bible and Ms. Davis fills this book with them coupled with modern problems that women of today face.  She shows women that they have the intelligence and strength to solve their problems with the plan that God has set forth for them if they only will not overthink and sabatage their own plans. 

This is a good book and an easy and quick read for the busy woman as well as containing a plan for which one can turn this into a woman's study group lesson also.  I was provided this book for this unbiased review.

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