Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer

The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer is a book set in the time of the Amish settling of Mexico in the 1920s.  It tells of the hardships of diseases ravaging the colony without help of nearby doctors.  It tells of the deaths of those who were not strong enough to withstand the harsh life or diseases.  It tells of death from the bandits' raids on their settlement as well as when they would need to travel the unsafe roads.  This book tells of being a people of God who would not resort to violence in a violent world.  The story tells of young love that is strong though met with difficulties at every turn.

I found this story exciting and interesting to a lover of historical romance.  The story holds the interest of the reader.  I in fact read this 344 page book in 2 days and I would have loved to have read it in one setting but my life insisted in going on while I just wanted to read this book.  I am leery of reading love stories written by men but Dale Cramer has been able to reveal the heart of a woman in a way most men cannot.  In the acknowledgements he states that his wife helps him edit it.  They really have it down to a science because I never once thought during the reading, "a woman wouldn't do or say that".  This is a great read and I am glad that I was privileged to have read it.

This book was provided by Bethany House for this review.

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