Friday, October 14, 2011

Wings of a Dream

Rebekah is a young 19 year old women living during World War 1.  This is a time of great conflict in our country as well as a time of great hardship as they are going through the Spanish Influenza outbreak.  This great pandemic was sweeping the country and killing young and old alike.  Rebekah had been yearning for some excitement in her life to take her away from the hum drum of everyday life she lived in with her family.  Rebekah had just fallen in love with an aviator but he was gone now to Texas to train for war.  He was everything exciting that she wanted in her life--handsome and  a world traveler. Rebekah's aunt had written a letter asking for help and Rebekah had been sent by her mother to a small farm just outside of a small town in Texas to care for her.  Rebekah gets excited to be sent to Texas, a place that she has not ever been to but also closer to the base that her sweetheart has been sent.  What she  finds however when she gets there is her aunt near death's door from the Spanish Influenza and needing help not only for herself but the 4 small children under her care.  When her aunt dies the next day Rebekah finds herself growing up quickly as she learns to care for the farm and the 4 children now under her care.
I loved this book.  It appealed to me in so many ways from the historical aspect of the war taking place in our country to the difficulties of living with so much death all around from illness that could not be conquered by medication.  The stresses of everyday life in the early 1900's required one to rely on your neighbors and God as the only help in time of need.  The only part that was not time acurate was when the child fell down the well and did not go all the way to the water.  Wells in that time would have all been hand dug and therefore much too wide for a child to have been stuck in but other than that seemed good to detail.
This book was provided for this review by Bethany House Publishing.

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