Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

Jade's perfect life is falling apart and not just the fact that she can't get pregnant.  Her perfect lawyer husband, max has serious flaws.  He is self-centered and self-involved.  If that were not enough to cap all that off Jade discovers his infidelifty has produced a son and that son is now 19 monthes old.  Her husband has been secretly financially supporting him but physically and emotionally ignoring him until his mother dies.  Now Max has decided that he wants to raise the boy with Jade.  Jade is disallussioned to say the least.  As if that were not enough Jade's free spirit mother is dying.
This is a great woman's book for any married woman or woman thinking of getting married.  Jade is facing life's turns and having to deal with them as they too quickly happen all at once.  I liked the way that this book looked at marrage straight in the eye and didn't pull punches.  Sometimes life just isn't fair and the only way to get through too many problems to to drop out of life and slow down and only handle one problem at a time.  This is what Jade is doing by dealing with the one problem that can't be delayed--her mother's death.  This is a good book and I recommend reading it to anyone dealing with life and marrage.
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