Friday, September 30, 2011

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe by Greg Paul

Greg Paul show in his writing how to develope a deep close relationship with God.  He shows how God proves His love for us in our everyday life.  He teaches us how to listen for God whispering to us and breathing close by us everyday.  Paul calls us to hear God telling us his pleasure with us and of His happiness with calling us His child.
This book helped me walk through my our history and see God supporting me and giving me strength in times of distress and/or grief.  He reminded me that the Bible reminds me not to place myself back into the slavery of nonforgivness that only God can give me.  Rather He asks me to accept the peace and freedom that only faith in the Trinity of God the Father, the Mother Holy Spirit and Jesus the Son can give.  This analogy of the family of God helps one to understand in a way anyone can see because we all have a family of some sort.  I would recommend this book as a good read or as a personal devotional.  I can easily see it as a Bible study guide for groups of many ages.
I recieved this book for free from Booksneeze for this review.

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