Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vigilante by Robin Parrish

This is a great action book.  Nolan Gray is a Christian man who wants to make the world a better place by doing good.  He is well trained in many martial arts which he learned in the armed services.  He is not afraid to live his Christian beliefs.  He has friends who have made him a special suit which give him the ability fling an attachment to walls or ceilings then zip up to them in seconds which allows him to move quickly to where ever he needs to go. He also has special shoes that allow him to run faster.  He also has a building which has all the high tech materials he needs so that his friends can moniter the city and send him where he can help the most.  Like Superman he has enemies who plot to bring him down.  This is a book that young boys and men I think would love. Parrish writes a good action book and shows how "There is a better way".
I would recommend this book.  I read it in a weekend.  I couldn't put it down.
I recieved this book free for this review.

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