Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jesus Talked to Me Today compiled by James Stuart Bell

Jesus Talked to Me Today compiled by James Stuart Bell is the next collection of person's memories of talking to Jesus.  These are true stories as told by the person who experienced them and all of them had Jesus speak to them as a child.  Many of these children were from a Christian background but some were not.  Some of them are remembrances of miracles which happened of healing or deliverance from an evil thing but some of them are feelings of peace that though the person was afraid of what was going to happen Jesus gave them peace and walked along side the child when it happened.  This book is not a, "I asked for healing and so I was healed" book.  For instance one child was going to her physical exam to get into nursing school and was rejected.  Jesus told her to be a teacher audibly.  She didn't want to be a teacher but she listened to the voice that she knew was Jesus. and became a teacher.  She loved being a teacher and was glad that she followed what she knew that Jesus had told her to do.  The common thread through all of these stories is the peace that floods their soul when they listen to Jesus and do as he commands them.

I loved this book because it is so encouraging to the believer.  It reminds us just how important each of us are to Jesus and not only that but that we are important to Jesus from the very beginning of our life.  The Bible tells us that Jesus loved the little children and we all know that but this is just one more reminder of our importance to Him.
I received this book from BethanyHouse for this review.

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