Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Dream of Miracles by Ruth Reid

A Dream of Miracles by Ruth Reid is this author's 3rd book in her Amish Wonders series.  In this novel Mattie Diener is starting to move on with her life after the death of her husband, Andy.  Her son, Nathan, who has always been sickly and small was once again sick.  When she takes him to see her familiar doctor she finds that he has gone on a sabbatical and left Dr. Wellington to run his office.  Dr. Wellington quickly looks and Nathan and his chart and immediately diagnosis child abuse.  She starts and investigation with child protection services.  Mattie is confused by the hospital admission and their insisting on TV monitors.   In addition, Nathan who speaks only German cannot understand the nurse and the nurse is concerned that he doesn't understand her.  The child protection investigator sometimes seems friendly enough but Mattie doesn't know if she can trust him.  Mattie sees some improvement in Nathan's condition and takes him out of the hospital against medical advice.  This starts a downward spiral into Nathan and Mattie's other child, Amanda being taken into state custody and Mattie being jailed for abuse.  The child protection investigator, Bo, can't shake the feeling that Mattie is innocent but also has recently made a mistake in judgment which resulted in the death of a child and he didn't want to repeat it with Nathan. Bo has experience in being on the wrong side of the belt when he was a child in an Amish family so he knows that though the Amish do have their problems he just is sure that Mattie deserves the benefit of the doubt.  To find out how this saga pans out read this delightful but though-provoking book.

Child abuse, misjudging child abuse and Munchausen's syndrome are all difficult subjects to read about and this novel is no different.  I did enjoy how Ms. Reid wove the story and held my interest though sometimes it was difficult to read the subject matter.  As always her novel is well written and researched.  I love reading this author.
I received this book from Booklook for this review.  

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