Friday, April 10, 2015

Together with You by Bicoria Bylin

Together with You by Bicoria Bylin is a love story but is also a story very much dealing with the issues of raising a special needs child with FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder).  Carly has her masters in social welfare and is working on her PhD.  She is  specializing in fetal alcohol disorders but is not currently working because of Allison who is a teenage girl who ran away from the facility that Carly worked at quite some time ago. Carly absolutely cannot quit blaming herself so now she works as the manager for a toy store.  Dr. Tremaine is a single dad trying to raise his 2 boys with their mother and his daughter on his own since the death of her mother.  Penny is his only daughter and is now 5 years old.  Penny was born with FASD and though high functioning contributes to the many difficulties of being a single dad and finding yet another nanny because the last one just quit.  Penny has run away once again but this time it is in the mall and now the police have posted an Lost Child alert over the loud speakers.  Carly fairly quickly spots Penny and is now holding her attention until the parent and police can come and get her.  Dr. Tremaine arrives first and notes that Carly has an understanding of Carly and quickly tries to hire her as nanny once he realizes her capabilities. 
Carly and Ryan (Dr. Tremaine) quickly find themselves drawn to each other but know that for the nanny situation to work they cannot also become lovers.  Carly works  her magic not only on Penny but is a calming influence on the teenage boys who are also a challenge for their dad.  Carly works within the family to help Ryan with tips on managing hormones while instilling discipline and love in the household.  Carly and Ryan find themselves getting closer though they try not to.  This book is on how they learn to live together in a working relationship without developing a personal relationship or does it?  hmmm.  You will have to read it.
I loved this book and highly recommend it as good casual reading for those liking Christian love stories as well as those interested in special need children.  Any age that is interested in the subject matter could read this book.
This book was provided by Bethany House for this review.

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