Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures in Saying Yes by Carl Medearis

Adventures in Saying Yes by Carl Medearis is a book written on the life of the Medearis family on mission in the Middle East.  He says he does not try to turn people into Christians but rather talk to them and teach them about Jesus.  He says that most of Moslem faith are opposed to becoming Christian but have no opposition in fact welcome learning of Jesus and His teachings.  He and his family moved to Beirut in 1992 with his 2 baby daughters and then 2 years later a son was born  to their young family.  They lived there during the entire growing up years of their children.  Their children were steeped in Arab culture.  They were there during 9-1-1.  They talk of being afraid of talking to Moslems about Jesus but when they did it they found that they had nothing to fear.  They loved hearing the Good News.  Oh Chris the wife was not on board at first.  This was one of Carl's lessons in patience--he had to wait until Chris heard the call to go to the Middle East.  Once Chris heard the call the young family lost no time selling their "stuff" and making their way into this adventure of saying yes to God.  This family now has 30 years of experience.  They now know the language and the Arab culture.  They are back living in Colorado still saying yes and teaching about Jesus.

I didn't know what to think about this book before I read it.  I had many of the preconceived notions about Arabs that many Americans do.  This book opened my eyes to many things, but most of all to saying yes to God and no to fear.  I was hoping that it would tell me more on how to know what is God's call and what is what I want or wish.  That one is still much up in the air.  I would advise this as good reading material for any who wish to know more about what going into any mission field is like as well as finding out how to say no to fear of rejection or failure.
I received this book from Bethany House for this review.

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