Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Love Without End by Robin Lee Hatcher

A Love Without End by Robin Lee Hatcher is the latest novel by this author.  This is a Kings Meadow Romance but it is a stand alone novel evidently as the reader does not have to have any knowledge of the other novel, A Promise Kept, in order to enjoy this one and enjoy you will.
Kimberly is a widow who along with her daughter is used to the good life but with the death of her much loved husband found out that the family had not been able to afford the good life that they were living.  Kimberly needed to sell everything to pay the debts and now was homeless and without a job.  Luckily her very good friend, Janet, rescued her and is allowing her and her daughter to live in her Idaho home rent free.  Kimberly knows that this is only temporary until she can get a job in Seattle and go back to the city life that she loves.  Her daughter, Tara on the other hand loves horses and has wanted one ever since she can remember.  Tara had been given a horse, an untrained horse but a horse none the less and she was thrilled but now she needed a place to board and train this horse and all with no money to do it.  Janet introduces Kimberly and Tara to Chet who agrees to board and teach Tara how to train the horse in exchange for Tara's work on the ranch.

Chet second guesses his generosity which he can barely afford but quickly changes his mind when the petulant teenage Tara turns into hard working ranch hand who is willing to do as asked no matter how hard the work and is quickly getting her horse trained as well.  Chet and Kimberly even though opposites find themselves drawn to one another as do Tara and Chet's sons Sam and Pete. 

This is a well written Christian romance novel that anyone would love to read.  Read it and the aforementioned Promise Kept and be ready for the next promised novel by this author, Whenever You Come Around  which should be out in the Spring of 2015.
I was provided this book by Booklook for this review.

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