Monday, May 5, 2014

Love Hunger by David Kyle Foster

Love Hunger by David Kyle Foster is a book based on the author's experiences of growing up.  David grew up in a family where he was one of the middle children in a pastor's family.  David grew up attending church multiple times per week in a family of 4 boys where discipline was quick practicing, "spare the rod and spoil the child".  He came from a line of pastor's families as his father's father was also a Presbyterian pastor as was his father since arriving in America from Ireland in the early 1800s. David grew up in the 60s and so when he went to college he grew his hair long and dabbled in drugs as well as alcohol like many of his cohorts. He also started experimenting with sex both homosexual as well a heterosexual. David headed out to California to seek his fortune in acting and managed to find work in commercials, teen magazines, and a few movies.  He continued to use drugs and broadened his sexual appetite to include many partners and paying customers.  David continued in this vein though he felt increasing guilt as well as feeling like he was headed for hell.  This book follows David's experiences from sexual and drug addiction into a life of being a pastor freed from all of these addictions.  David is very honest with the things he did during this period of his life though it is not particularly graphic is detail unless necessary.

This book was a difficult read for me and in the middle I almost put it down and didn't think that I would finish it.  Though as I stated in the previous paragraph the descriptions are not extremely graphic and I also lived through the 60s, I found the homosexual nature to be difficult  and uncomfortable to read.  I am glad that I made it through since the end of the book is easy to read and I am glad that David found his way through and is now living a life in which he is happy and he also reconciled with his parents before their eventual deaths.  The book does not sugar coat either the life he lived before becoming reconciled with Christ or after.  I would recommend this book only to those seeking to change their life from sexual addiction or homosexuality or their parents.  It is a difficult read and one not for the faint of heart.

I received this book from Chosen which is a division of Baker Publishing Group for this review.

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