Sunday, May 25, 2014

At the Movies by Samantha Sanderson

At the Movies by Samantha Sanderson is a novel in the faithgirlz! series. This novel finds best friends, Samantha and Makala, at a movie with Samantha's dad. Samantha notices that a light is on in a supply room and when she attempts to open the door she finds it locked. Strange, she thinks but quickly forgets it on her way to the bathroom until Makala spills her entire cup of soda on her dad. Sam and her dad get the supply room opened and while rummaging around for cleaning supplies find what appears to be a bomb. This solving of the who done it is the premise of the story. Samantha, who is trying to make her may to someday being the editor for her school news department, is working from the reporter angle and her dad, who is a detective, for the local police department, is working from the adult professional perspective. Samantha alternates between wanting her dad's inside knowledge but not wanting to divulge her information and her dad is torn between treating Samantha as an adult reporter and wanting to protect her as well as finding out how she is getting her inside information (which she refuses to reveal as a reporter). When Samantha takes information which her dad gives her and uses it to find out more information and then form the basis for her daily story her dad feels that Samantha has stepped over the line and has jeopardized his job. Dad pulls rank and has the teacher pull Samantha from the lead story. The story goes on the tell how Samantha and her dad learn to work together and then solve the case.

This book is an excellent young person mystery which I as an adult could also enjoy reading. It brings out how to learn to follow the rules to be a reporter as well as writing a story that others will read. Samantha learns how writing a newspaper article is more than just writing an exciting story--there are lives involved which can be changed by the power of her pen. Within the story is how Samantha remains true to her faith while being friends with those of different faiths. Samantha as a 7th grader is also figuring out how to be a true friend as well as make new ones. I liked reading this book and think that middle school children would most enjoy it but older elementary age children would also enjoy it as their ability would dictate.

I received this book from Booksneeze for this review.

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