Saturday, February 8, 2014

rich in years review

Rich in Years is an uplifting book about aging in America.  Mr. Arnold tells many stories of the priviledge all of us who have lived life here on Earth and have less time ahead of than we do behind us.  But in this book also is a reminder that we do not know the day or the time of our death and that we always should be prepared for the end here on Earth and the beginning that awaits us.  He tells us of the time that we now have that we did not have when we were raising our children and that we should use that time wisely doing productive things for those around us.  We should be not only doing and sharing with and for those that we love but also making amends to those to whom we have done wrong.  Our forgivness of others is not only for them to be able to go on celebrating with more happiness but it is for the forgiver also.  The weight is now off our shoulder and onto God's.  This walk that we call life we should enjoy.  Take the time to thank those in your life who have made your life more blessed. The life that we have been given is a gift.  Take a look around and see all the blessings that are around us--the simple and the complex--the Lord God He made them all.  Mr. Arnold and his wife have taken the time to interview many older people who are now facing death and letting them tell their story so that we do not feel afraid to walk through that door of death that Jesus is on the other side of-"for it is only when we die will new life begin."(page 151)  Some of these people have spent a lifetime celebrating and working for God's plan for them and some only come to God as it is obvious that their life is short.  All came though and all are rewarded in God's plan for no matter how much we do we only can come to the Father through Grace. 
When I picked this book I did not expect it to speak to me as it did.  I expected it to be a sad book but I have to say that it is a happy book on preparing for one's own death and it is easier now to look forward.  As it is stated in one of the stories that I do not know what it on the other side of heaven's door but I do know who is there and I look forward to that time whenever it comes.  It is a quick good read for anyone facing death and we all are--some sooner/some later.  The book has scripture throughout to support the view stated and that would make it a good study companion for a group study also.
This book was provided for this review by Handlebar.

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