Wednesday, February 26, 2014

pursit of Tamsen Littlejohn

The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by
> Lori Benton is the newest historic romantic novel by this
> author.  This novel is set in the late 18th century of
> the state of what is now Tennessee.  At the time was
> called Carolina (as a part of North Carolina) or as Franklin
> depending upon their political leaning or it could be called
> by the particular tribal names is one happened to be one of
> the native people in the areas quickly filling with white
> people claiming ownership to the land.  It was a time
> of ownership—ownership of peoples of different races or of
> women—either by title or merely by lack of rights.
> Tamsen Littlejohn has grown into womanhood being groomed to
> be married above her station by her stepfather who uses
> might and anger to control Tamsen’s mother as well as
> Tamsen herself though her mother takes all the punishment
> from his hands.  When her stepfather, Hezekiah Parrish,
> kills her mother in a fit of rage after Tamsen rejected his
> latest choice for her husband Tamsen flees the town with a
> man she has just met, Jesse.  When Tamsen runs she
> doesn’t even know his name for the first few days.
> This story tells of the hardships faced not only by the
> whites settling the new areas as well as the well-settled
> natives of the area who are constantly having their lives
> upset by new treaties and breaking of the old ones
> previously signed.
> This book is a good one by Ms. Benton that anyone would
> enjoy reading.  She has remained true to history as
> well as written a novel which holds the readers
> interest.  It is a difficult to put down novel though
> it is too long to be easily read in one setting (378
> pages).  This book tells how a person can remain true
> to their faith in Christ even when faced with severe
> adversity and only resorting to violence when faced with
> their own death or that of loved ones.  I would
> recommend this novel to any woman or teen.
> This book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah Press for
> this review.

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