Friday, September 27, 2013

Swept Away by Mary Connealy

            Swept Away by Mary Connealy is a Christian romance novel set in Texas during the settling of the state.  Luke is returning to the family ranch to get it back from the man who had murdered Luke’s father and then stole the ranch.  Luke’s father had evidently known that something was up since he had sent him the deed just before it had happened.  Luke felt shame that he had not been at home to help his father defend the ranch but he was returning now to defend the family ranch.  Ruthy MacNeil was forging a stream with her adopted family when she was swept away in a runaway flood.  She had her shoulder caught in a board and had been knocked out until Luke found her face down on the stream bank.  Not having time to take her wherever it was that she was supposed to be heading he took her along.  When Ruthy came to she was only too happy to go along since her adopted family had been nothing but mean to her since taking her into their home.  Luke soon finds that Ruthy is more than needed in the Texas settlement and also finds that she is quite pretty especially after he allowed her time to clean up in the stream.

I liked this book though I found it with much the same plot as other romance novels.
This is from Bethany House

I have not placed this book on review any place else.

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