Monday, July 15, 2013

Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh

Slitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh is a new novel by this author.  Harriet grew up in a good home.  She was always well fed by her loving family.  Her father was a preacher and her mother was always available whenever she needed her.  When Harriet entered her teen years she started to move into a wild party life including indiscriminate sex, alcohol and bars.  One day her brother and 2 female members of her father’s church “rescued” her from a party and cleaned her up and forgave her.  The church was not however all forgiving.  Because of Harriet the church had a split and her father was encouraged to retire.  Harriet (Harri to her friends) has since spent her life trying to keep the church just as it was before her mother and father moved into the mission field.  The new pastor is trying to move the church’s mission into one which is needed for more of the people who live around the area, families with children and young people.  This story is of how the people of this church learned to work together with the younger citizens of the area and make a church family for all the people in which the various ages work together for the good of all.  The members of the church change and not all of them agree with the changes and some do move to other churches but by in large the members find that the intergeneration church improves both the lives of the younger as well as those older members of the church.
I liked how this book integrated the generations and though expecting the elder members to change also used the elder generation to teach the younger the valuable lessons that needed to be learned by the younger as they approach this new life as Christians.  The way it has always been is not always the best way any longer but much can be learned from our elders.  They are not set in their ways for no reason after all.
I received this book from Multnomah for this review.

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