Saturday, June 22, 2013

Perfecting Kate by Tamara leigh

Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh is a Christian woman in her 30’s who has just sworn off men—again.  She is a successful San Francisco artist who is becoming more and more famous for her art work but can she find a good Christian man? No not one.  Christopher Stapleton had just asked for his engagement ring back after finding out that she cannot have children.  It is hard enough knowing that she can never have her own children without the love of her life dump her for that very reason.  Good looking Michael Palmier has entered her world just recently and seems more interested in her that her gorgeous roommate, Maia.  He is a makeup artist for Changes magazine.  He says he wants to feature her in his next makeover of mismatched girlfriends.  Funny though every time he takes her out he has a new doctor he wants her to see—a dentist to fix the gap in her front teeth, a plastic surgeon to remove the mole on her cheek and her nose.  He says that she is perfect on the inside but he keeps wanting things fixed on her outside.  Enter in Clive—excuse me Dr Alexander.  Now that man is good looking and whenever he looks at her she turns to mush.  He says that if it is working for her don’t change it.  Suddenly 2 men are interested in her at the same time instead of her roommate both Michael and Clive.  But are either of them marriage material?
I liked this book. It is an interesting book on the problems that Christian woman find when seeking to find an equally yoked man to marry.  This story tells of Kate’s dilemma of balancing not nixing her Christian standards while trying to be fair to the fact that nobody is perfect.  Ms Leigh does an excellent job of thinking inside the young woman’s head.  I would recommend this book for any ages of young girls and also light reading for women of any age.
I was provided this book from Multnomah for this review.

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