Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Donkeys Talk by Tyler Blanski

When Donkeys Talk by Tyler Blanski.
Tyler Blanski is an American Singer-songwriter and author who was thirsty for a fresh look at his Christian faith and wanted to look back into the lives of the saints, the stars (constellations) and see the beauty of Christianity.  He wants us to again believe that miracles can and will happen in the life of the Christian.  He wants us to expect that God will work in our life in miraculous ways and for us to look again at the world that God has created for us to live in and experience as creatures of His creation.  The writer also wants us to again look at the why we as a group find it so hard to believe in God’s miracles but we willingly listen to the science and chaos that the modern culture would have us to believe.  Mr. Blanski uses scripture, history and works of the thinkers of our Christian church to states his case for belief in God’s miracles and faith in His love for us.
I struggled through this book.  It is written in a flighty way and uses a lot of the modern fantasy writings that I was not familiar.  It makes the reader think though outside of the box which is what Jesus also did in order to bring in the masses to Him.  I hope that this book will do much the same with new readers who love reading of fantasy and would be drawn to accept that Jesus was born died and resurrected for all. 
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