Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bridesmain by Beverly Lewis

The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis.
Joanna Kurtz is such good friend to many in her Amish community that she has been asked over and over to be their bridesmaid at their wedding.  She loves that she is appreciated and loved by her peers but she yearns to be loved and married to a man that she loves her back.  Oddly enough she meets the man of her dreams, Eben, after traveling to Indiana for the funeral of her Uncle Amos.  They love each other but it would seem that living in 2 different states and Eben’s family’s expectation that he stay to help on the family farm and Joanna’s trouble with the Bishop would keep them apart.  Joanna has been writing fiction secretly and her sister has told the preacher and now she is in so much trouble that she may not leave the community.
I love to read Beverly Lewis’s Amish love stories and I enjoyed this one.  I sure do hope that she continues to turn out these stories of quality to the women who read them.

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