Monday, September 24, 2012

The River by Michael Neale

The River by Michael Neale is an absolutely fabulous book.  It is amazing to know that it is Mr. Neale’s 1st novel.  The River tells the story of Gabriel Clarke’s life from the age of 5 when he lost his dad to a tragic accident on The River in Colorado.  His dad died saving the life of a person trapped upside down in his kayak.   Gabriel has relived that day all his life and this has frightened him from really living his life.  Gabriel was sent to live with his mother in Cairo, Kansas.  He has a very good though poor life with his mother and she helps him deal with his fears the best she can.  His fears hold him back from trying things that he wants to do in and with his life.  He always remembers his father telling him, “Us Clarkes are made for The River.”  At the age of 20 his best friend Jimmy, who is on a break from Kansas University invites him on a trip with some of his friends.  This trip is a trip to the mountains in Colorado.  Gabriel decides to go even though he is afraid and this is a decision which changes his life. 
The River is great novel and it’s a good thing it says so on the front cover since it reads so much like real life.  I couldn’t put it down except to wipe my tears when I couldn’t read the words.  I think everyone should read it.  I don’t usually read author’s first books but I am so glad I made an exception.  I anxiously await his next book.  This book could and should be made into a movie for all those who don’t read books as this story needs to be told.  Thank you for writing such a great book, Mr. Neale.
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