Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher

Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher
Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher is about a young woman, Felicia, in 1897 getting her first job at the age of 26 as the local one room school teacher in Frenchman’s Bluff, Idaho.  She had been educated to teach for 10 years but had been caring for her aging parents until their death just recently.   Teaching school was her greatest dream.  She has no money and she cannot afford to fail at this new teaching assignment but more than that she wants to fulfill the children’s dreams that only an education can provide.  The family who raised her may have not loved her but they had provided her with the best education that money could buy.  She has decided that her life has been governed by others but that now she is in charge of her own destiny and she is grateful for all her blessings and does not intend to get tied down by marriage.   That is until she meets Colin, the local merchant.
Belonging is a well written Christian love story.  Ms Hatcher has weaved a good plot into the story of settling the west in Idaho.    I found this story hard to put down.    I liked this book and would recommend it to all readers of good fiction. 
This e-book was provided by Zondervan for this review.

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