Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Searchers by Joseph Loconte

The Searchers by Joseph Loconte takes the reader to the Israel of Jesus day—into the valley of despair.  We are taken back to the Road to Emmaus on a day after Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross.  We join the walk with Cleopas and his friend where they meet a stranger who walks with them and strangely warms their heart.  They begin the walk in despair following the death of their leader and Messiah and end the walk realizing that they are eating with their friend, Jesus, and that they once more have hope.
 I liked this book.  It holds the reader’s interest as it offers a look at the major religious of today—Jewish, Moslem, and Christian.  He offers commentary both good and bad for all of them.  Mr. Lonconte forces the reader to look at themselves with a critical eye in order to accept the incredible grace offered to us by God.
I was provided this book for this review by Booksneeze.

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