Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ministry of Christ 1000 days by Jonathan Falwell

This book advertises to meet Jesus--a man both fully God and fully human.  He came to earth to be in mission with all those who ever would be on Earth.  He investigates the truths that these days were lived and asks how do these days and what He did and said impact the people of today.  What does He want us to learn from His mission on Earth.  It takes a deeper look at the last 3 years Jesus spent on Earth--those 100 days.
I enjoyed this book, though it’s not light reading or a quick easy read.  This book with insights by Jonathan Falwell, son of the famous Jerry, takes the reader through Jesus' last 3 years of service to the world.  It is only 179 pages long with an addition of notes and a study guide so it is not an in-depth study for self study or small group use but rather a good starting point or all round summary.  Well worth the time to read as well as to have on the shelf as a resource book.
I received this book from Booksneeze program for this review.

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