Saturday, May 5, 2012

Momaholic by Dena Higley

Momaholic, Crazy Confessions of a Helicopter Parent by Dena Higley is about the writer's life.  Ms. Higley is a head writer for a soap opera, mother of 4, and wife of 1.  She was all things to all people.  In order to make the life of all around her perfect she did  and was responsible for everything they were involved in.  This book is a story of how her life spiraled out of control and how she owned it and changed for the better of herself and her family.  She tells a very honest story of her life. 
As a person who is a few years ahead of Ms Higley in the parenting game I could truly read this book and laugh and cry; sometimes at the same time.  I do hope that parents don't however learn it all and achieve perfection in the parenting game as the stories told around the Thanksgiving dinner table by their children will not be nearly as funny.  Ms Higley deals with the grief of raising average so-called normal children better than most and she should feel proud of herself.  All of us parents if we're willing to admit it (and we might just as well) have had our crazy times when we spin out of control and have to be reeled back in even without trying to raise children in the "Hollywood scene".  I just can't even imagine how that would be.  I recommend reading this to any parent but most especially any grandparent because we can look back and laugh.
I recieved this book free for this review.

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