Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

The Accidental Bride  is about a young hardworking woman, Shay, who is raising her daughter alone after the death of her parents and the father of her daughter, Olivia.  She is about to loose the family farm that has been in her family for generations.  She has been praying to God for help in finances but is proceeding on working as hard as she can to save the home she has always known in the meantime while the bank seems to be making preperations to foreclose within the month.  Her long lost love from 14 years ago, Travis, shows up in town and through a comedy of errors Shay finds herself married to him because of the old marrage license finding its way to the minister.  Travis the man who jilted her decides to try to make the marrage work.  He still loves her and has the money to make the financial problems go away.   He strikes a deal with her to try to make it work for 5 months and then will walk away if it doesn't.  Shay because of her money situation and also though she won't admit it still loves him agrees to the plan.
I liked this book.  It is a Christian love story between the two who are still in love teenagers 14 years later.  There are no deep plots here it is a simple love story to read just for the pleasure of reading.  I would recommend it to any female above the age of about 10 or 12.  There is only suggestion of sexual encounter so there is no need to worry about your youngest child reading this but it is adult enough for moms to enjoy also.
This book was provided free for this review from Multnomah Waterbrook Publishing.  They make no stipulations that this be a positive review.

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