Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore is the newest book by this Christian author/educator.  This book is about Beth's advise on getting out of your own "pit of despair", whether it be drug dependency, sexual deviance, drinking, or gossiping.  All are sins and equally sinful.  Beth preaches that it doesn't really matter how you ended up in your slippery pit of filth but that you can get out of it and more importantly stay out of it.  She backgrounds her advise with scripture as always and usually the subject of honor in this book is Joseph with his famous coat of many colors who was thrown into his pit by his brothers.  Beth very openly discusses her own pit of sexual exploits as well as many of the causes.  Beth further explains that though she was abused as a child and that started her journey that Beth had to get out of her pit for her own well being as well as the future family who would have suffered needlessly if she had not.  Beth states that her family benefitted but that she had to do it for her own good.  Beth further states that though she had to work very hard at doing this herself with very little help from family or friends she could not have done it without the help of her friend and savior, Jesus Christ.

This book is sad in that it tells some of the story of Beth's sad childhood and tells further how adults can so easily and deeply injure the very being of who a child will turn out to be as an adult.  It also tells of how even though she could have wallowed in the self pity of her disastrous childhood and wallowed further in the pity of others she could not have an eternal life of joy until she made that long slippery climb out of that pit and stayed out of it.  She tells of how the enemy would entice her back into the pit, sometimes successfully, but when she finally climbed out of the pit for the last time how her life can only be truly happy when she lives a clean healthy life staying far away from the pit.  She states that she no longer will ever go back to the pit but the enemy continues to tempt her and that she remains strong but the help of God, scripture, prayer and her family.  Read this book if you need assistance getting out of your own pit or know someone who needs help getting out of their pit.
I received this book from Handlebar for this review.

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