Saturday, April 8, 2017

Home is Wherever Mom Is

Home is Wherever Mom Is  is a delightful adult coloring book especially for Moms. With Mother's Day coming up I would think that this would be a good gift for the woman who has everything, creativeness and some time on her hands.  The pages are mostly intricate small spaces to fill with the color of pencils, pens or markers.  Be aware that there is a small amount of bleed through using regular markers so if you're picky you will be sacrificing the back of the page that you color with markers.  I think that the colored pens do a great job if you are wanting the jewel tones of the markers but I like colored pencils the best.  I like the way that pencils fill the small spaces for a more impressive picture and I don't mind the more muted color of the pencil.  The more expensive pencils resharpen best to points for the nicest outcome rather than the colored pencils mostly used by schoolchildren.  I love doing these books and this is one of the better ones.  There are pages also included which are mostly lettering to color in for those who like that or for less intricate pages to color.  These books are a nice way to wind down in the evening after a rough day at work.  I would highly recommend this book for gift giving or to use yourself.  Some of these books are quite expensive and this one is quite reasonable for the nice thick pages that is contained within the covers. 

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