Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Call to Mercy by Mother Teresa

A Call to Mercy by Mother Teresa is a collection of writings by Mother Teresa during her lifetime or remembrances that others had of her sayings or writings.  These writings center on forgiveness, mercy to others, loving everyone, and taking care of those in need.  She writes of her care of others throughout the world during her work with the Missionaries of Charities.  Her writings and her speech show her humility and her mercy to those less fortunate.  She writes of how she tried to always think of those she served as Jesus-If you did it unto the least of these-you did it unto Me.  She taught not so much What would Jesus do? as How would you treat Jesus if He were standing before you rather than the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, ect.  She showed in her life how to treat others as if Jesus were the one she was serving--because He was.

I loved this book and was constantly in awe of her work with those unloved and uncared for.  I cannot even imagine seeing the sights that she worked with among the poor let alone be that poor.  I cannot imagine babies so hungry they sucked on their sheets.  I cannot imagine being so poor/sick that I lay on the ground and when someone helped me up my skin remained on the ground.  She managed to always show love even while correcting the behavior of those she worked with.  She taught humility by always being humble.  This book should probably be read and reread by me and others on yearly basis so that we learn to be aware of our many blessings and to bless others around us based on those blessings.  This book should be read by all of all religions.  A most powerful book.
I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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